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What's Included?

We're glad you asked!  This offer includes up to 20 Linear Feet of New 6' Tall Cedar Privacy Fence and 1 Walk Gate up to 48" in Width.  To some, 20' May not sound like much, but this is usually enough to do the front returns on most homes in a traditional subdivision.  Instant Curb Appeal!

What Kind of Fence Will I Get?

In this offer we will be using one of our most popular privacy fence configurations.  The winner will receive Steel Posts and hardware, 3 Cedar Rail Configuration (no treated stuff here) and Full 3/4" Cedar Pickets.  

Do I Have To Buy Anything?

Nope!  Free is free.  However, since we will only be doing 20' and a gate you are more than welcome to apply that to replacing more of your existing fence, for which we could give an estimate, but it is not required that you do so.  And Hey, if this 20' is good enough to hide the jungle in your back yard then right on!

What Am I Responsible For?

Just because you're getting free fence & gate doesn't mean you will be treated like a second class customer.  Our team will work with you from initial measurements right on through our final quality inspection.  We simply ask that you clear any brush (trees, vines, stumps, etc.) from the project area and that any items attached to the existing fence (decor, rain gauges, etc.) be removed prior to your project start date.

But I Don't Live In Your Service Area,
Can I Still Enter?

Unfortunately, No.  As much as we love building fences we can't drive to L.A. to install one.  But hey, if you saw our ad. on Facebook chances are you know someone who lives in our area --so be a good friend and tag them.  If you tag your grandma and she wins, chances are you'll get a sweet pair of socks for Christmas.

What If I Win But Don't Need A Fence,
Can I Get Something Else or Cash?

Sorry, we have enacted the "No Bread" rule --you can replace that phrase for any other slang you might use for American Currency (I.e. Dough, Sweet Moolah, etc.).  This offer has no cash value and is only good for the items listed under the "What's Included" Question.

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