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Austin Texas Composite FencesLow Maintenance

Composite fencing across Austin Texas is known for its many low maintenance features. The material composite fencing is made to not fade or fracture and to withstand the elements for many years. If hosing your fence down periodically is not enough, the only type of cleaning it may need now and then may be a gentle wash with dish soap and a non-abrasive sponge. It's that simple!

Austin Texas Composite FencesAttractive

Our composite fences are designed with a modern look in mind for beautiful accents to your property! You can create a wide range of looks with the many color and texture options available. You have the option of building a full privacy fence, a semi-privacy fence, or a more open rail-style fence that complements the overall look and feel of your property.

Austin Texas Composite FencesEco-Friendly

Composite fencing in Austin Texas is one of the greenest options around! Not a single tree has been deforested to manufacture our composite fences, and the material that is used comes from recycled cellulose wood fibers and recycled consumer end PE plastics.

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Composite FencingKey Features

Discover the unmatched features of composite fences, setting them apart as a premium fencing option for residential and commercial property owners. These fences are popular thanks to their exceptional strength and durability, offering reliable protection and privacy for your property.

Typically made with a combination of recycled wood materials and durable plastic, composite fences are resistant to warping, cracking, and rotting, which ensures remarkable longevity and reduces the need for constant upkeep or replacements. Our Austin Texas composite fences have many key features that make them a popular residential and commercial fencing solution.

Strong Composite Posts
Our composite fences are installed with strong aluminum posts made to interlock with each panel for a beautiful look and long-lasting durability. We install all of our posts at top industry standards, so you can be sure your fence will stay in place and last many years.

Premium Rails
Every one of our composite fences is built with horizontal composite rails that connect the panels to each fence post seamlessly. With their sleek design and multiple color options, our composite fence rails provide both aesthetic appeal and long-lasting strength. The number of rails included in your composite fence is determined by the style of fence you choose.

Premium Composite Panels
The most common styles of composite fencing are built with solid panels creating full privacy for your space. Each panel is made with composite boards interlocked with each other to create a complete panel without the need for screws or exposed hardware. Many other styles are available that create a semi-private look with spaces between the rails and boards to meet your exact preferences. We also offer custom-designed composite fences using unique composite panels.

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Composite fencing is a highly durable, eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood fences. Made from a blend of wood fibers and plastic, it offers the look and feel of wood without the maintenance. Unlike wood, composite fencing doesn't warp, rot, or suffer from termite damage, making it a long-lasting Central Texas fence option.

Yes, when compared to other fencing materials, composite fencing is very environmentally friendly. Made from a combination of recycled plastic and reclaimed wood fibers means that no new trees are cut down to create it, and less plastic ends up in landfills.

One of the major benefits of composite fencing is that it is very low maintenance. It won't need to be stained, sealed, or painted, and occasional cleaning with a mild detergent and water to remove dirt or stains will keep it looking its best.

Yes, composite fencing is available in a variety of styles and color options to match any property aesthetic in the Central Texas region. From rich, wood-like colors to more contemporary hues, homeowners can customize their fence's appearance while benefiting from the strength and durability of composite materials.

Composite fencing is designed to last much longer than traditional wood fences. With proper care and minimal maintenance, a composite fence can last for decades. Additionally, our composite fences often come with a lengthy manufacturer's warranty, reflecting their durability.

While most of the raw materials used in making composite fencing are recycled, these materials are carefully processed to ensure the highest level of quality and performance. The end result is fencing that performs better than traditional wood fencing, actually lowering your cost over time through less maintenance, durability, and the longer lifespan of your fence.

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