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About Us


An Austin native, Tony has taken much pride in watching the city he knows and loves grow into what it is today and watching others grow to love it as well.

After graduating from Lanier High School (Go Vikings) Tony earned his degree in Business.

Tony began his career in Global Supply Chain and Logistics management working with multiple fortune 500 Companies as a Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.  Tony's career has been to improve any and every operation of which he has been a part, service or otherwise, and increasing end-to-end value to the customer.  Often these improvements led to Multi-Million Dollar cost savings to customers, but always led to a better customer experience.


For several years, Tony managed one of the largest Fence Companies in the Central Texas.  Serving customers from Waco to New Braunfels, he oversaw 40 subcontractor teams and managed 60 - 80 fence and deck projects daily.  

Separately, Tony maintains a full working wood shop in his home as a personal hobby.  The respect and demanding intricacies of wood working Craftsmanship spill over into a greater desire to provide customers with not just beautiful work, but a greater overall experience in working with the Sagamore Team.

Why Sagamore?

Theodore Roosevelt spent every summer of his presidency at his home, Sagamore Hill, in Oyster Bay.  It became known as the Summer White House.  He loved to hear the laughter of his children running throughout, spending holidays with his family, everything that made house a home, and a family a family. Sagamore Hill was where he taught his children to play, hunt, row, and swim.  The night of his passing, before going to bed, he turned to his wife and said "I wonder if you'll ever know how I love Sagamore Hill".

Over many years, T.R. has become an inspiration to our work and life.  He lived and loved, and was loved (by most) extravagantly, tenaciously.  To us he is the embodiment of the American Spirit, Adventure, Hard Work, Strife and Toil, Integrity --he was an immovable force on what he believed was right.  He believed that you ought to treat others they way you expect to be treated. 

In this spirit, we pay homage to this great American and hold this namesake to the highest of honor.

Did we mention that we also named our youngest daughter after him?  She is only two, but her ferocity for life is already proving to live up to the Bull Moose.

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